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Root Canals Dental Service

The goal of root canal treatment is to save your tooth.

Over the years, root canal treatments have become synonymous with serious pain but new technology now enables dentists to perform the procedure virtually pain-free.

Root canals are needed when a dental infection or tooth decay reaches the pulp chamber of the tooth. The infection destroys the nerves located within the root of the tooth, eventually causing the tooth to die. Years ago, the only option for this type of dental problem was a tooth extraction. Now, thanks to dental technology, we can save the tooth even though they are infected.

A tooth may need root canal treatment if you are having trouble eating or sleeping. A toothache or sensitivity to hot or cold is common for those with an infected nerve. You may even have swelling or tenderness in the gums. While toothache remedies may relieve your pain, they will not fix your problem. Pain from infected root canals is often a signal that you need professional dental treatment to save the tooth.

If you have symptoms of an infection in your root canals, don’t ignore them. The goal is to save your tooth rather than extract it.

I’ve been a patient of Gresham dental practice for 3 years now. I was referred via a relative. The service and care by Albert and his team has been exceptional, best I have experienced. I would certainly recommend this practice, the attention to detail Albert provides is superb and very thorough.
Sean Quinn