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Tooth Extractions Dental Service

A tooth which is very decayed or damaged beyond repair or loose because of gum disease may have to be extracted.

The most common tooth extractions are usually wisdom tooth extractions, but your dentist may also remove a tooth if it is coming through the gum at an angle, threatening the position of other healthy teeth or contributing to overcrowding in the mouth.

In some cases, a broken tooth may also need to be extracted, as well as teeth with significant tooth decay that cannot be treated by a root canal. Patients with advanced gum disease may be considered for tooth extractions as well. At Gresham Dental Practice, our goal is to do everything to save your natural tooth. However in the end, removing a potentially harmful tooth can spare you time, money and discomfort.

Teeth are sometimes taken out from children’s mouths to help other teeth which are crowded to grow straight (usually on the advice of an orthodontist).
Some teeth are easier to take out than others. A local anaesthetic will be used to numb the tooth before it is extracted. This is the best treatment for most patients. In some children or nervous patients or where a tooth might prove difficult to remove, a referral to a Specialist may might be required.

Most people experience very little post-operation discomfort. The dentist will ensure that the bleeding has stopped before you leave the practice. You should not smoke or drink for at least 24 hours after an extraction.

I’ve been a patient of Gresham dental practice for 3 years now. I was referred via a relative. The service and care by Albert and his team has been exceptional, best I have experienced. I would certainly recommend this practice, the attention to detail Albert provides is superb and very thorough. Albert is always very reassuring and will talk you through the dental treatment process to put you at ease. The practice and all the staff are very welcoming and friendly, it is a great family run practice.
Sean Quinn